Wednesday, September 3, 2014

So we baked ALOT of cookies this week.

We gave them to everyone we could think of. There's a few investigators/less actives that we've been trying to get to church but we haven't really been successful so we decided we'd bring them all cookies! You can't reject someone with a plate of cookies! Also, I thought if I sang in church this week that we would have a better chance at getting people there. So here we are door after door with a plate of cookies, a plea to come see me sing, and a puppy dog face. YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE HOW MANY PEOPLE SAID YES! We thought we were brilliant. I thought, we've finally made it, we've found the hidden loop hole, we're going to get every person in the state of Alaska to church this Sunday

! Well....Sunday morning rolls around we get there waiting anxiously for all of our people to come. We waited...and waited...and waited. Not one person we invited showed up. It was heart breaking! Moral of the story: sometimes it takes more than a sad face and a plate of cookies to get someone to church. You can't con someone into doing what YOU know is right if they don't have the same conviction. If it's not a sincere desire of their heart, nothing you do will convince them. We need to focus on continuing to strengthen the testimonies of the people we work with. I will continue to pray for softened hearts for those here!

We had probably the most fun P-day I've ever had. We went on a hike with our district and president and Sister Robinson. It was GORGEOUS. AND WE SAW WHALES! On the drive to the hike we saw whales right next to us jumping up in the ocean. So neat. I wish I was quick enough to snap a picture! After the hike we all went to a park and played Frisbee and football and just hung out. Sister Robinson taught us a football drill and we all did that until we couldn't breathe! We just had such a blast hanging out with all our missionary friends. :)

Line of the week
A cute 6 year old girl at dinner the other night was talking about how her mom bought her little babybell cheese for her school lunches and she said:
"I'm just so glad I'm not lactose intolergist so I can eat cheese." SO CUTE. We had her repeat "lactose intolergist" so many times. Hahaha

Well I love you all a ton! Keep on keeping on! The church is true!
Love, Sister Hallmark

District hike! :)

McHugh creek! :)

These guys think they're funny....seriously we almost peed ourselves! Hahaha

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