Monday, September 29, 2014

Man this week some crazy things happened.


1. Last week our incredible investigator Grace dropped us and we couldn't figure out why. We were heartbroken. Well this week we decided to text her and see if there was anything we could do for her. She texted us back and apologized, and she wants to meet with us again!!!!! Miracle!

2. We knocked on the door of a less active family that we have never met before. Their blinds were open which seemed like a sign. As we were walking up I said "Okay, this is it, we're finally going to meet them." Well, we met the husband. Not in the most desirable circumstance. He had nothing on except little underwear. He immediately jumped behind the door and said "I'm sorry, this is incredibly awkward for me, I thought you were my wife." Hahahaha!!!! We told him we'd come back another time. As we were walking back down the driveway, we saw his wife. AWKWARD. We won't be going back for a while.

3. WE HAD A GIANT EARTHQUAKE!!! It was a 6.1 cool. Everyone has been talking about it. I was outside and didn't really feel it that much but I saw the rocking chairs on someone’s porch start suddenly rocking...I thought the house was possessed or something. Then I found out it was just an earthquake...hahaha we had another the next night. Apparently the news reporters think all these little earthquakes will lead up to a really really huge one. We'll see. I think they're kind of fun. :) No damage done yet!

4. I GET TO GO BACK TO FAIRBANKS!!!!!! In a couple weeks Sister Morrison and I get to travel to Fairbanks for 4 days to go on exchanges with the sisters there. I am dying. We just got our flight logistics last night and I am seriously so excited. I can't wait to see everyone there!!!!!!

5. I AM GOING TO BE 22 IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS! I'm an old woman. I can't believe I'm about to have birthday #2 on the mish.

Okay I think that briefly covers this week. I love my companion. I love my ward. I love my mission. I love the gospel. I love my savior. It's the best.

Love you all!

Love, Sister Hallmark

Pretty lake on my exchange in Wasilla. :)

HELP!!!!!!! :)

Loving the sunset!

And just when you thought sister missionaries couldn't get any cooler...

Hiked to the top and took the tram back down!

Our district in the tram! Can you tell we're happy to be done hiking?? :) We got down quite a bit faster than we got up!

Hiked all the way to the top! :)

District in the tram! I love them!!!!

Again, the district in the tram! I love them!!!!

Funny story, I really don't like cats and sister Morrison is deathly afraid of them. Someone's apartment complex was seriously infested with kittens. We got out quickly. Hahaha

Completely matched. TWINS. Comp unity.

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