Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Transfer Tuesday!

 So tomorrow is transfer meeting...can you believe it's here again?!
We got our first transfer call from President Robinson, I was pretty nervous about how it would all happen. He called at 9:50 Friday night just as I got on my knees to pray.
I answered the phone anxiously, "Hi President!"
"Hey sister Hallmark, how are you both doing?"
"Great, President!"
"Are you?"
Yep, we're awesome."
"Well that's fantastic, just thought I'd check up on you and make sure you're doing well!"
"Our transfer calls!"
"OH! You want to know your transfer calls?! Okay, okay!"

I bet you're all wanting to know what he said after that. Well it was pretty exciting news. I gasped and screamed and squealed. But I don't know if I am ready to tell everyone yet. So I'll wait.

So this week we saw a miracle. It wasn't a new investigator or even anything hugely missionary related. But it was definitely a miracle. There is a sweet indian lady that lives in the apartment right under us. There seems to be a lot of fighting and turmoil that goes on down there with all of the family. Occasionally we will see her sitting outside on the steps just looking out. She doesn't speak very much English, but she always smiles faintly at us as we walk by. She just looks tattered and worn. Well we decided we wanted to do something for her. So one day we made some brownies and put them on a plate and brought them downstairs. Her husband answered and took the brownies. He seemed happy, but I was a little disappointed she didn't answer. Well a few days later, one evening we get a knock on the door. I went to answer the door and outside I see the cute little lady from downstairs with our plate. She held it out and I could see it was PILED with chicken and rice curry she made for us. I DIED! She had the biggest smile on her face. I wanted to hug her and I didn't and I'm still mad at myself for that. But I was seriously so amazing to see her sweet smile. She didn't say anything but she just smiled. Oh! That was probably the highlight of my week. Other than my transfer call....

Okay I will tell you all. It's pretty awesome. So I'm staying as a Sister Training Leader again...and I will be with....SISTER HEWITT!!!!!!!!
Just so everyone is aware, this is our THIRD time serving together. It's kind of a really big deal. I adore sister Hewitt and I get to be with her for her last transfer! I am so blessed! Gosh I am just SO excited for this upcoming transfer. Probably the best transfer call I've ever received :)

Well that's about all for this week, it's been a lot of packing for Sister Guerra because she is heading to Palmer! I feel so blessed to be a missionary here in Alaska. I love my mission! I love the gospel so much! The church is true!!!

I love you all! Love, Sister Hallmark

At the famous Tommy's Burger Stop.  Fun night out at one of Anchorage's hot spots!

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