Monday, July 28, 2014

"Something's Fishy"

Well this week was good! Thursday night our ward had a big pioneer day celebration BBQ and it was so fun! There were millions of pies (Okay, maybe not millions, but alot) and I just wanted to eat pie the whole night. I probably could have but the grilled salmon was calling my name. I'm not sure if the actual pioneers had salmon, but the Alaskan pioneers do. And it's good....real good. :)

Well this week we found a GOLDEN investigator. He was a referral, his girlfriend is a member of the church and he wanted to check it out. We taught him the first couple lessons and he agrees with everything! What an answer to our prayers! He is 19 so we had to do a little pass off to the YSA elders, but I'm sure they will take care of him. :) It was so nice to be able to really teach someone about the church, he had such good questions and he really listened. He came to church Sunday and everyone was great, I think he'll fit right in.

Okay so you guys want to know what made this week the most amazing week ever? I GOT TO GO TO A TEMPLE SEALING!!!! There is a girl from the YSA I served in when I was in Fairbanks and I become pretty close to her and she got married in the temple and I was able to go!!!!! I cried! It was seriously so good to see her and everyone else that came. Man what an awesome experience! Now I know what to expect when I get married!

Well it's officially salmon season and EVERYONE is out fishing and dip netting. It's a huge thing here. If you're a real Alaskan, you're out catching fish. Maybe some day when I come back I can actually catch some myself, but for now I will gladly participate in the consumption of the tasty fish.:) Don't mind if I do! My companion is actually allergic to seafood, but occasionally someone will cook up some fresh caught salmon on the side for me. :)

Well we taught high priests yesterday in church and it was a bit intimidating. None of them fell asleep so that was good. We talked about the importance of following up and we used Elder Ballards recent talk. The spirit was strong! I was so grateful it went well. We talked about the good Samaritan and how he took the wounded man and bound him up and took him to an inn. We talked about how that can represent us as members, we can take people and help heal them from their wounds through Christ and then follow them in their journey all the way to the inn, which can represent the temple. I love the parables Christ tells because they are so applicable to so many things. There's so much depth to everything He says. I have such a testimony of our Savior and his love for us. Being a missionary is the greatest work in the world because we are truly able to experience a glimpse of the happiness and joy our savior feels when someone is brought to Him. I love this gospel with all of my heart! The church is true!!!

Love you all so much!
Love, Sister Hallmark

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