Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Shedding Tears and Conquering Fears"

Hello happy people! This week has been dramatically emotional for me. I add the word dramatic because I'm probably being the biggest baby in the universe, but I can't help it! WE ARE LOSING THE BEESLEYS! Transfer meeting was legitimately like a funeral. Everyone cried, and then a few like me that uncontrollably bawled. It's been so hard to accept that they're leaving. I am a teensy bit excited for the Robinsons coming in, but my heart is just aching for the Beesleys. Today the Robinsons have just flown in and I'm so nervous to meet them. Ahhhh! I'm conquering my fear of change. You'd think as a missionary I'd be okay with change, seeing as how I'm thrown in a new area with a new person virtually every 6 weeks. But this is a MASSIVE change. New mission president?! What's going to happen?! I've been praying a ton, I know I need to accept that President and Sister Robinson are here because the Lord called them and they will be exactly what we need. It's just going to take a bit of adjusting.

This week has basically tons of leadership meetings. Which I didn't mind too much because that means we got to be with the Beesleys for their last few days. And guess what I got to do? Go to the temple...TWICE! Yeah...kind of a big deal as a missionary. All the sisters got to go on Tuesday after transfer meeting, and then all of the missionaries at the leadership meeting got to go Thursday. I feel pretty blessed! Thursday night after meetings we all went to the mission home for a delicious dinner and we got cozy to watch "Labor of Love" it' a really cheesy old movie but it was so fun. The sisters got the couch and the elders got the floor. :) Haha!

Well this is my first week in this area and so far it's been great! We haven't worked much in it because of the meetings, but I met a lot of people at church on Sunday and I love them already. I am excited to be in this area!

My mission has transformed my view on life. My testimony has been impacted so deeply. I love my Savior so much! I love this gospel! I love you all!

Love, Sister Hallmark :)

Movie night with some of the sisters! :

My last picture with the Beesleys! I will forever love them! :)
Movie night with some of the sisters! :)

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