Thursday, July 10, 2014

Meet the Robinsons

Hi everyone! So this week we met our new mission president and his wife. Love them!!!!!!! Within in 5 minutes they had everyone dying laughing, they are so funny. Man, this will be good.

I can't think of anything crazy that happened this week. Just a regular week in A-town. It's been nice and warm here, which I love. 4th of July was beautiful! It's funny, Alaskans can't really celebrate the 4th the way most people would. Since It's light all night, you can't see any fireworks. Occasionally we'd hear an explosion somewhere but nothing would ever be seen. Kind of sad. At least they try! 

Sister Guerra and I are getting along so well. We laugh all the time. I'm so glad to be with a companion I can laugh and have fun with! I have learned so much from her. :)

Well I have to run, I love you all so much! The gospel is true!!!!! 

Love, Sister Hallmark

We broke out the bikes with this nice weather! :)

Turned my purse into a fanny pack. Works nicely.

got some massive snow cones on a warm July day :)

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