Monday, March 31, 2014

Here for Spring!"

Guys this week we got the call. Guess what? I'm staying. Going on 6 months here in Fairbanks! Loving it! I am seriously so happy I don't have to say bye yet. I seriously love everyone here so much. I am still staying as a sister training leader with Sister Platero and Sister Hewitt is heading off to Wasilla to train a new sister! 

Things are going good, Atrina is getting baptized this Friday!!!! I can't wait! Seeing her whole family in church on Sunday warms my heart. I love that family SO MUCH!

At sacrament meeting yesterday the cutest little girl got up and said "I know that Jesus bled from every pore. He just kept bleeding and bleeding and I bet that really hurted." How cute!

Guys I love being a missionary it's seriously just who I am, I feel like. I can't imagine NOT being called Sister Hallmark. I love it. I love my name tag. I love being a representative of Jesus Christ. I just love who I get to be. It's cool! I'm really cool, guys!

I love you all like alot! Don't stop being awesome! 
Love, Sister Hallmark

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