Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Miracle Monday

Hi everyone! 

Hi hi hi! We are having miracles thrown a us and it's kind of awesome!
We have picked up so many investigators this week through tracting. There are so many willing to let us in and listen to our message. The Lord is softening the hearts of people ALL OVER, it's so cool to witness.

We had some fun experiences this week. This Friday was pie day...so guess what dinner was? A lot of pie. 8 pies, to be exact. Plus a chicken pot pie. Man, I was as full as a frog! Worse than thanksgiving day! That pie was good! :)

Also, funny story...we have been smelling a strong burning smell in our car for the last week and couldn't figure out what it was. We finally took it to the car dealership and they took it in. We sat in the lounge for about 10 minutes and then they came in and told us they found an animals burning flesh on the bottom of our car. Apparently we ran over an animal a week ago and it's just been burning. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Working in both wards is finally starting to balance out. I am grateful for that. Something I've found is that I receive he most strength and peace each day from studying the Book of Mormon. It brings more happiness to me than I can even explain. I love that book SO MUCH. I crave reading from it every morning. I have also been reading a lot of the new testament and my testimony of Christ has grown so sweet to me. I love Him so much. I'm so grateful I have another testament of Jesus Christ I can read alongside the Bible. I love the scriptures and it's teachings. I will never get tired of reading them!!!!

I love being a missionary. I know this gospel is Christ true gospel. I feel so blessed to have the restored truth in my life today. I am so grateful to share this knowledge with others. :)

I love you all!!!!
Love, Sister Hallmark

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