Tuesday, April 8, 2014


So exciting. We've been working with them for so long, it makes me SO happy to see them on the right path. Right after when we asked her how she felt she said "I just feel refreshed" :) I love her SO MUCH! There are people here in Fairbanks that will always have my heart. 

We had a HUGE miracle thing week. There's a lady we've been working with named Paula. She is an investigator, knows everything is true, has been taking the discussions for a really long time, but just lives with her member boyfriend. That's been the only thing holding her back. Well directly after planning and talking in depth about her during weekly planning, we got a text. She said "I want to be baptized May 13th" we were so shocked. We asked her how we could help and she told us that she just needs to get interviewed and plan her baptism. She said she asked her boyfriend to move out at the end of the month so that she can get baptized. I am SO proud of her!!! I can't wait for her to finally get baptized. She's been waiting to so long. 

Man I love it here in Fairbanks, things are going great. Except it's just snowing and snowing and snowing and snowing and all I can see is white. Will it end? Who knows. Rumor is there's been snow storms in July. I might be seeing white the next 8 months. 

Alaskans are seriously hilarious. Yesterday, we saw a man shoveling snow from his driveway in basketball shorts. The day before that, we saw a man going for a jog shirtless...it was 40 degrees outside. THAT IS NOT OKAY. Everyone here is cracking me up...they are so ready for spring. 

Well love to all!!!! I hope everyone enjoyed conference! I sure did!
Love, Sister Hallmark

Queen of the ice castle :)

Got to volunteer at the world’s largest ice sculpting contest, Kind of a big deal :)

"No, no, no, elder!" Saying our goodbyes to the departing elders. :)

Me: "Ohymygosh you're going to SITKA!" 
Sis Harrison: "I know I'm freaking out!"
I'm gonna miss her!

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