Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cold, cold, go away come again another day

I thought when the time change SPRINGS forward, the weather was supposed to also...am I wrong?
It's still negative temps, guys! Not okay!!!!!!!!!!! 

Clearly I need to keep building my testimony so the fire inside can give me more warmth! 
Something that's been a huge asset to my testimony is my moms mission journal! She just sent me another one because I finished her first one. I've been reading it every night and It gives me so much strength! I love reading about the difficult times and the sweet moments that she had on the mission because they all seem to be identical to mine! It's really neat. In the package with the journal she also sent me honey roasted BBQ sauce from chick fil a....yeah buddy. :)

K so I've probably said this in my last emails buuuut covering two huge wards a lot like I chicken with it's head cut off. Trying to balance two wards is definitely challenging. It's nice to have 2 sets of elders to work with in each ward, though. 

This week has just been a lot of meetings. I didn't realize that as a sister training leader I would have so many meetings to go to for mission training. I am learning a lot about being a leader, though! 
And then of course we have double the ward meetings to go to as well. I am getting anxious to go out and work. There aren't near as many meetings this week so hopefully we can completely dedicate our time to seeing people. I just want to teach!!!!! :)

I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for the support!

Love, sister Hallmark

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