Monday, March 3, 2014

Hello hello hello!

It's just another week in Fairbanks town. It's going good. We have had some pretty incredible finding experiences. I complimented this girl on her hair in the gas station and suddenly we have her number and she's coming to church! Crazy how the Lord is really putting people in our paths. I can't let a single person walk by without sharing this truth that I know. There are people prepared to hear EVERYWHERE. :)

Atrina is still prepared to get baptized on the 29th of March. :) We are so excited for her! She is so excited to get baptized. Every time she prays she says "please help my baptism go good." Haha so cute.

GUYS I'M FREAKING OUT! ! I hit my 9 months this week! Well...kind of. Feb. 29th was supposed to be my 9 months, but that day doesn't really exist so...we counted it on the 1st of March. Haha I cannot believe I am halfway through with my mission. It's unreal. I don't want it to end!!!

OH I have news!!!! I don't know if anyone remembers Toby from Sitka? We taught him and he was SO beyond prepared to be baptized! He wasn't able to be though because there are some things that were holding him back and he needed to get an approval from the first presidency... well...HE GOT A SIGNED LETTER FROM THEM! AND HE GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!! He sent me pictures and I DIED. SO awesome. He is doing so so so well. He is a ward missionary. :)

Man I love life!!! I love this gospel! I know it can bring the most happiness anyone could ever experience!!!

Love, Sister Hallmark

9 months!!!! I pregnant belly is like legit. Right? Don't worry, I'm not really pregnant. :)

Eating lunch with this cute little Thai lady house. She is so sweet but she gives us SO MUCH FOOD! Hahaha

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