Tuesday, January 28, 2014


It's so warm here everything is melting! It's really weird to see the trees without snow and the streets with brown slush instead of white ice. I keep praying that this is just an early spring! Anytime I mention that to someone that to someone though, they laugh. Clearly an early spring is a silly thought. The temps are supposed to drop back down this week. But hey, it was nice while it lasted!

I'd like to point out that there's something sticky on my keyboard and it's really annoying. That's what we get for using the campus library for emails. It's looks like ketchup or something...ew.

WELL this week was fun! We had zone conference, which means PRESIDENT AND SISTER BEESLEY CAME UP! Holla! Seeing them always gets me so excited. When they got out of the car I was squealing (along with some other sisters) I ran and hugged sister Beesley so hard! And I firmly shook president’s hand. It was a heartwarming reunion. I always learn so much a zone conference, and of course I always cry. I just love my mission!

We had another lesson last night with Austin, he is working on changing a lot in his life, I think the biggest struggle is just overall influences from friends. But he really wants to change. He was very involved with youth groups from other churches back home and he really misses it. We talked about the importance of surrounding yourself with friends who are strength to you when you have moments of weakness. He says he had a strong church family back home and needs that support again. We are getting him as involved as possible in YSA activities and he has several people to fellowship who are great. I am excited to see him progress.

Well things are great here! Sister Swensen and I laugh all the time at everything...she likes to laugh. :) I am blessed to be learning so much in such an incredible area! I love this church! It's true, it's true!

Love, Sister Hallmark

How many times can I change my outfit in one morning....Elders have it so easy.

You know it's been a long day when you're eating nutella by the spoonful...

Haha! Ambers fork broke at dinner.

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