Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Shorts and tank tops

Guys it's so warm here everyone is in shorts...seriously. I never thought I would say that 25 is warm...but yeah, it's warm. It's a miracle!

Lots of awesome things are happening here. That 10 year old girl I wrote about last week is on date to be baptized for the 15th of Feb! Her name is Atrina...she is really excited. We are teaching her again tonight, we set it up to now have lessons in bishops home because he has a daughter the same age as Atrina. I think that will be really good for her, and I'm hoping her mom is able to benefit from it as well. We are really working on strengthening her mom because she is less active.

We have another investigator Austin, we met with him for the first time on Sunday. He committed to baptism and we will hopefully have a date for him later this week! He is so prepared. He came to family home evening the following night and loved it. I am so excited for him!

Things are going good here in freezin fairbanks! Just living the life! Funny story, the other day we were trying to find someones street and it was called "Da Niece" so we were driving along and the gps was getting me lost and I started to get a little impatient and I asked Sister Swensen "what street are we on?" and she replied "Da Nephew:" I quickly responded "That's not funny we're lost, sister!" and then I realized...we really were on a street called Da Nephew...We both died laughing Some street names in this town are ridiculous. 

Well I love you all! The church is true! I love being a missionary! It's the greatest thing in the entire world!

Love, Sister Hallmark

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