Monday, July 15, 2013

Here Comes The Sun, do do do do

Hello everyone!
 Guess who decided to come out for a peek this week?! THE SUN! Yes, the sun does exist in's just been hiding for quite some time. It's been in the 70's and sunny all week long! What a blessing! EVERYONE was outside going on jogs, walking their dogs, or going on bike rides. What a perfect opportunity to OYM (open your mouth)...We tried to use the weather to our advantage. Although Sister G didn't particularly like my opening lines of "Hello, it's a good day to hear about the restored gospel!" or "Doesn't this sun remind you of God? Have a Book of Mormon!" But they were humorous none the less ;)
Well, despite the awesome rays of sunshine we were blessed with, this week was pretty dang hard. Our teaching pool has shrunk dramatically. We practically have no one to teach. We knocked on doors, went to visit the less actives, tried to one would open their door or seemed interested. I have never felt so discouraged. Sister Grayson and I prayed and prayed and prayed. We worked on being perfectly obedient and utilizing every opportunity we had to share the gospel. We wanted to show the Lord that we were still trying. the only thing we were able to do this week were AMLs (active member lessons). Through the spirit sister G and I came up with a pretty powerful lesson to motivate members in our ward to do missionary work. We had 4 AMLs and shared the lesson for every dinner thought. Sister G and I weren't sure if we were getting through to anyone but we still tried.
WEEEELLLL...Sunday rolls around and guess what? THE BLESSING BEGAN TO POUR! I have never been so overwhelmed by God's love before in my life.
1. Less actives we haven't seen in months showed up to sacrament, one with her non member boyfriend.
2. Member after member came running up to us eagerly giving us names of people they shared the gospel with and a plan of action of how they would get them to church!
3. Another man from the family ward actually brought a coworker to our YSA and we were able to meet him and he'll be at the FHE activity tonight, he seems very interested.
4.  The member we had dinner with brought her non member friend we were able to meet and share a message with.
5. A former investigator who hasn't had contact with us for months texted us and wants to meet this week!
6. A guy who was formerly extremely less active tearfully thanked us for all we had done for him and told us he has STARTED HIS MISSION PAPERS!
These were just a FEW of the multitude of blessing that occurred yesterday. I am SO humbled by the resounding result of our efforts. This is a testament to me that if you show him you're willing, the blessings will pour. He WANTS to bless us, he just has to see the initial effort from us. Every week my testimony is strengthened so much more. I know without any doubt in my mind that this IS the restored gospel that our savior had on the earth. I firmly believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and he translated the Book of Mormon through the guidance and direction of our Father in Heaven. I know that like Joseph Smith stated, "This book is the most correct of any book on earth"...I know this because I've read it and I've felt it's power and influence in my life. The Book or Mormon IS indeed the word of God. It is another testament of God and completely and totally supports the Bible. I'm so incredibly grateful for the gospel is my life and the happiness and peace it brings to me. I'm so grateful for the support I have received from each and every one of you reading this. Thank you! I love you all! Have a fantastic week!
Highlight of the week:
Last night we were on the phone with our district leader reporting numbers for the week and he asks
"So how are you and Sister Grayson getting along?" I say, "Good I guess, she only hits me sometimes..."
And he was SILENT. Our poor district leader, he is great but sarcasm is not an understanding he's been gifted with. It took us a long time to talk ourselves out of that one! Haha!
Sister Hallmark
              Cute little boys asked if they could wash our car while we were in an appointment!

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