Monday, June 24, 2013

For the Beauty of the Earth!

Hello family and friends! I am loving it here in Alaska...this is week numero dos! The weather is beautiful, the trees and green, and the flowers are bright! It is so beautiful here! My companions and I stopped at least 5 times on our way home from church to pick flowers!
Well a lot has happened this week! Last p-day we had zone lunch at the most beautiful lake! It was incredible. I really love my zone..they are so much fun. It was supposed to be a picnic, but my companions and I actually just bought McDonalds. :)
Another thing...they are planning for this huge mission training and the theme is pioneer trek which I am SO excited for. We are treking a certain number of miles and I don't know the details but I assume we'll have carts and whatnot. Also there's a musical program they're going to have for it will actors and scenes about pioneers and the struggles they faces and they'll sing songs and stuff and it's going to be AWESOME. And guess what....I GET TO BE IN IT! I'm so excited because they are doing this trek in like 6 or 7 different areas all over Alaska for all of the missionaries in different areas...and they are only having 2 elders and 2 sisters to be apart of it and travel in a van to all of these locations to do it. I am SOOOO excited! I get to travel all over Alaska and sing and act in this program!! More details to come...but this was something I couldn't help but share! What a blessing to be apart of something so great!
Well...Sister Grayson and I are continuing with the constant u-turns and the dead ends. A GPS would really come in handy! I'm positive we've found EVERY dead end in existence here in Anchorage. It's hilarious. I'm glad we can both laugh about it. We are getting better though!
Also this week had a sisters training sleepover at the mission home which was really fun! President told us a bed time story (goldilocks) which was HILARIOUS! And then he made us pancakes the next morning in whatever shape we wanted. I got an elephant which a ball. He is so talented! It was so fun getting to know all the sisters and bonding with them. Sleepovers are always fun! I learned so much and felt the spirit so strongly. The sisters here are awesome.
Well my time is short today. We are heading off to see the WORLDS BIGGEST CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! I know. I'm a little excited. And we know a member who works at the chocolate shop who said she will give us free chocolate samples. HOLLA!
Hope everyone's had a great week!
I love this gospel with ALL of my heart. I was reading through 2 Nephi 2 today and reading all about the atonement. I am SO grateful for our Savior and his great sacrifice for us. I have so much love and appreciation for him. I know that if we use the atonement we can return to our Father in the end and live with him for eternity. What a great gift we've been given! Repentance is real. I've felt it. It works. He is waiting patiently for us to come to him.
Love you all! The church is true!
Sister Hallmark
Just driving through A-town with Sista Grayson!

Sister Grayson, me, Sister Hatfield at the sisters sleepover.

My elephant pancake President Beesley made!

Beautiful area we were driving through and had to take pictures! That is the beach in the background!

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  1. The picture of you in the kitchen. I was in that kitchen last in 1997......Wow.