It's the day we get ready for....MONDAY!
Hello everyone! It's Saturday and I'm lovin' it. We are allowed to email today because we're using Monday to travel to Alaska. We're packing up our clothes, doing laundry, making all the neccessary preprations for our travel to the great white north. It's almost here!
Although I'm beyond ready to be in the field....I'm totally going to miss the MTC. I've made the greatest friends here. I'm so sad to say goodbye. My whole district is already planning a little reunion for when we get back. That's how much we love eachother!
So this update will be short, I don't have a ton of time today. Also...the computers here are super fickle so I can't get any pictures to update...sorry! I'll send pics next week for SURE! :)
I have learned so much about myself in just the short time I've been here. It's nuts. The mission refines you...sometimes it gets hot, and its hurts, and it is really uncomfortable...but in the end you're so much more than you were before. I've already caught a glimpse of the change that is about to occur in my life. I've never felt closer to my Savior. When things get hard here, the only person you can turn to is the Lord. He's been my rock through it all. I complain alot, I'm sometimes impatient, and I make a TON of mistakes. But he's still there unwavering through it all. I have been touched my so many expereinces being here at the MTC. The Lord is so evidently working though every single persons life. I've felt his love more strongly than ever. I KNOW he lives. I KNOW his love for us is immense. I have a testimony of this gospel that can't be shaken. I love this work.
Have a great week, everyone. Wish me luck of my quest to Alaska!
Sister Hallmark
Briana and her group in Alaska!