Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Birthday miracles"

Guys this week was full of miracles. Ahhhhh!

1. GRACE IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, the date is set, December 6th. I couldn't be more excited.

2. The elders just texted us last night and told us they have the most incredible prepared investigator who has been coming to church and is now moving in our area. I cannot wait to meet her.

3. IT SNOWED!!!! Not in Anchorage, but on the drive to Soldotna for exchanges. It was a flurry winter wonderland. I'm still the only person excited.

4.  My companion made my birthday the BEST DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. She set up all kinds of little surprises for me. So sweet. Gosh, I love her! I am so blessed! The people in my ward made me feel SO special. :)

5.  WE GET TO GO TO FAIRBANKS IN 3 DAYS! Yes, I'm totes counting down.

Those are just a few of the miracles. Things are great here. And Sister Morrison and I are looking frumpy fresh today. We raided the sister missionary closet (A closet sisters leave and exchange their clothes in) and we picked out the ugliest matching outfit. We are sporting our embarrassing outfit today IN PUBLIC. Its whatevs, we're awesome. Pictures will come next week. :)

Love you all SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

Love, Sister Hallmark


It came!!!!!!!!!

Opening my birthday package, mom and dad you're the BEST!

For my birthday, we wrapped copies of The Book of Mormon and gave them out. We left this one with our waitress at lunch! :)

Heckel Family!!!!! They got me flowers and cupcakes!!! SO SWEET!

Surprise birthday gift at the door. Pumpkin spice creamer! Yummy for hot chocolate!
Birthday cake at the McNeils :) LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!

Moose crossing!

Pday sports with the zonies :)

Alaska moon :)

Eating some birthday cake at the mission office! :)

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