Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall is A-Comin'!

Hello everyone! It's starting to get a bit nippy for my liking. That can only mean one thing...


I'm excited.:)

Well I have some even more exciting news. Guys you will NOT believe this. On the tiny island of Sitka...on the 12th of October...there will be not one...but TWO BAPTISMS!

I can't stand how excited I am right now. It's ridiculous. Never in a million years did I think I would meet the two most incredible humans on the face of the planet here in Sitka. I cannot believe how prepared they both are. I love them more than I can comprehend. Seriously. AMAZING.

You know what else is awesome? The 10th is my birthday. The 12th they are both are baptized. The 13th both are confirmed. Could I ask for a BETTER birthday weekend?! I.AM.BLESSED.

I think I forgot to mention that we have known we aren't staying here in Sitka next transfer because Sitka is getting senior sister missionaries. President Beesley told us so we could be aware. We still have no idea where we're going, but we know we won't be staying here. And the day they both get confirmed in sacrament is the last day of the transfer, so Sister Hewitt and I fly out of Sitka right after church. So next weekend...I'm going to bawl like a newborn baby. It's just plain inevitable.

Well in other news, we took a little adventure on the ferry this week. To the land of Juneau. :) We went over for interviews with President Beesley. They weren't as intimidating as I prepared them to be in my mind. Whew. He is just the greatest. It was SO fun to see President and Sister Beesley. I missed them so much. I used to be at the mission home almost every day last transfer just for various reasons so I saw them all the time. I also made cookies there ALOT. When I saw sister Beesley in Juneau we JUMPED up and down and hugged her so hard. She told me she missed my cookies. :) It was sooooo good just to chat with her and tell her all about our investigators. I didn't realize I have been feeling homesick from her and president! That's how much I LOVE them!!!!

Well that's about it for this week. It's been real. :)

I know this church is true. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a living latter day Prophet and he leads and guides the church today. I know and love our Savior. I know that he atoned for my sins because he loves me so incredibly much. I know that I can return to my Father in Heaven one day because of this selfless act. I KNOW.

Thank you for everyone's kind encouragement and support. I love getting letters! Keep them coming! Love you all sooo much! Have a fantastic week! And remember...Jesus loves you. :)

Sister Hallmark

In Juneau! I love my compy :)

Just another incredible day on the Island

Beautiful view from the ferry!

Beautiful view from the ferry!

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  1. Wonder if they will send you to Haines, CANADA. That is where most missionaries went after Sitka. That would be cool!