Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Don't be a chicken"

I'm being deprived of snow and I don't like it!

Something strange is happening, everyone in the lower 48 has been getting snow and cold weather! But it's still in the 30's and 40's here! This isn't what I signed up for, I'm in Alaska, I need a little snow!!!!!!!!!!

I BUTCHERED A CHICKEN! Like for real. I cut off the head with an ax. And then I skinned and gutted it. It was the most awful thing of my life, but I'm so proud! Hahaha And we were able to help this really sick woman get all 25 of her chickens killed and prepared. If I ever need to kill a chicken for survival, I know how to now. A good life skill, I suppose. :)

Okay guys this week has been producing miracles FOR REAL! 

#1 We got a call from our investigator Mike. We told us he's been praying about it and he wants to get baptized this month. It was SO out of nowhere! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! He said he found out one of us was leaving soon, and he wanted to do it while we were still together. THIS IS SUCH A BLESSING. We have been meeting with him this week and preparing him for the 28th :)

#2 We have been meeting with this incredible little lady named sister B. When we visited her my first day here, we talked about it and decided we needed to be meeting with her more frequently. So we talked to her and set up to see her twice a week. We something has bothered me every time we go over there. I have been really concerned, because her health is really poor and she seems to also be smoking. She never mentioned it, but we could always tell there was a package of cigarettes and it smelled it her house like smoke. We prayed and prayed and planned ways we could address it, but we were just so scared to bring it up every time we went over. We didn't want to offend her. Well, one morning this week we felt particularly strong that we just needed to get in there and ask her with bold love. So we got there and it took me a while, but I finally asked her about it. I got the courage and asked her about her health and if her smoking might be contributing. She got really quiet and then with tears in her eyes told us yes, it did. Then she went on to tell us that she had made the decisions that morning to stop smoking and that this was her last pack. We asked her what brought that on. She said because we've been visiting her so much, seeing us gives her a desire to be more like us. She wants to be happy and healthy like us. So she decided she knows that Heavenly Father will give her the strength. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! She said she was so happy that we were behind her and that we felt prompted to talk to her about it. :)

Happy things are happening! We are staying busy! We are working hard! The Lord is in the details! I love you all! See you soon :)

Love, Sister Hallmark

Just taking our Sunday lunch rest. :) Me, Sister Fullerton, Sister Farmer, Sister Gonzales. 

Just a dead chicken...


Just taking our Sunday lunch rest. :) Me, Sister Fullerton, Sister Farmer, Sister Gonzales.

And here I am using an ax to remove the head of a very alive chicken. It was terrifying. 

Just a dead chicken...

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