Monday, June 16, 2014

We had a crazy experience this week

Okay I seriously wrote out the longest email and then I somehow lost it. Ahhh!   Well Okay here I go again.

I SAW A BEAR IN THE WOODS 50 FEET AWAY FROM ME! Yeah Sister Torgesen and I do service with out district every Wednesday morning. We were with the elders and another guy that works there just walking through the woods and suddenly we hear shuffling so we look over and there is a massive grizzly just 50 feet away from us! I really thought I was about to lose my life. I keep hearing stories about people getting mauled by bears! So I'm in full blown panic and the guy that works there keeps saying "Just keep walking, don't stop" and he was standing behind trying to talk to the bear because apparently at was taking a couple steps towards us. I was just speed walking forward praying for my life. Finally we got far away to breath easily and the bear went back into the woods. That was the first time I'd ever seen a bear right there in the woods! So scary!

We also had the incredible opportunity this week to volunteer at girls camp. They did something different this year and had EVERY young woman in the state of Alaska there. We had almost 1,000 girls!!! Unreal! It was so fun to see everyone from areas I had previously served in. All the sister missionaries in the area took turns working there for a day. I felt like a celebrity there because the girls FLOCKED to us. So funny. I've never had so many compliments in a day. They liked my hair, my dress, my shoes, my purse. They laughed at everything I said. They asked for advice. I felt so unworthy of so much attention! They just all wanted to be sister missionaries! Haha! I was so impressed with the confidence each of these girls had as they shared their missionary experiences with us. The missionaries in the generation to come will be remarkable.

I love being a missionary so much. I have such a testimony of this gospel. I love you all SO MUCH!

Love, Sister Hallmark

Just in someones backyard....they seriously come out of nowhere! Hahaha

Sister Hewitt and I with our SITKA girls!!!!!!! We got to volunteer at the girls camp they have for the entire state of Alaska! So fun to be with everyone again! :)


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  1. So was Sister Neill Marriott there from the General YW Presidency? If so, did you meet her??