Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"The apple doesn't fall very far from the tree"

Things are picking up here! The ward is doing an amazing job at sharing the gospel with their friends. So many families have talked to us about someone their working on, it's incredible. We are now trying to help the families transition that into bringing these people into their homes for us to teach. Once we can get that ball rolling, I think thinks will really do a 360. It's already starting to happen!!!

Yesterday we spoke in sacrament and I was really excited. I love getting the opportunity to speak because the whole ward can really get to know my companion and I. I was asked to talk about the power of prayer on my mission. Pretty much my whole talk was just filled with experiences I've had through prayer on my mission. As I was pulling my talk together I was amazed at all the stories and experiences I was able to compile. I realized that my testimony of prayer has completely transformed in the past year. With the experiences I've had, I KNOW He hears and answers prayers. There's no way I could ever deny that. I'm so grateful I am able to talk to my Heavenly Father at anytime, anywhere.

Well this week was interesting. We are beginning to run out to ward members to visit, and since we are still working on picking up the work with investigators, we've kind of hit a wall. So instead of driving from one house to another for hours knocking on the doors of less active members that haven't answered all transfer, we decided to just park somewhere and walk around. We walk and talk to people, try knocking on doors, and just stay outside to keep busy. We're more productive and we're using less gas. Plus everyone seems to be outside here in the summer anyway. Well that has seemed to be working for us, expect for one minor problem. The other day we had a little run in with some very large angry dogs.  Since then, when we see anything outside that moves, we tense up and scream. We have to keep reminding ourselves that cats and squirrels won't attack us.

So this is how it happened. We are approaching this house with a large wooden fence and the fence is wide open. I had a thought "That's strange, I wonder if they know their fence is open" Just as I thought that, two HUGE golden retrievers came sprinting out of the fence barking and snarling at us, they were ready to attack. I'm not kidding! I jumped BEHIND my companion (yeah clearly her safety wasn't the first thought in my mind) and we started yelling at the dogs as we backed away. They eventually stopped pursuing us and we RAN faster than I have ever ran before. We got to the car and tried to open it but it was locked. This was seriously like a horror movie. I'm yanking at my door handle and looking at my companion and then back at the dogs and back at my companion and finally she yelled "YOU HAVE THE KEYS!!!!!!" I frantically searched for the keys in my purse, pushed the unlock button, and we jumped in. When we got in the car we just died laughing. So funny. I was sincerely scared for my life!  You know the funniest thing?! My mom had the SAME experience on her mission. I just read this in her mission journal:

"Yesterday is the first time my companion and I got chased by a dog. I'm not kidding, we literally got chased. You have never seen two sister missionaries run so fast! We ran so fast that my shoes fell off. As we walked away, we both laughed so hard. What's so funny is that we were both so tired, hot, sweaty, and lazy as we were walking. I thought, how did we get the strength to run so fast? Sister Jones said It's amazing what fear does to ya!"

Isn't that funny?!?!?! Clearly the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree. I'm just like my mother. :) Haha I have loved reading my moms journal, we share so many similar experiences. I especially love seeing her testimony in the gospel grow through her mission. I am so grateful for my testimony and for the opportunity I've had to watch it expand as a missionary. This is the greatest work that  could ever be done!

I love you all so much!!!!!! Have a lovely week!
Love, Sister Hallmark

Every morning we jog on "lazy" street. Ironic?! Hahaha

Tried this house one day, no one answered. Tried it the next day, the stairs were gone. Okay we get the message! Hahaha

Hike to thunderbird falls! So pretty!

For district meeting we made our own titles of liberty. haha I love my district, they're so fun! :)

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