Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A whole new world!

I LOVE MY NEW AREA AND MY NEW COMPANION AND EVERYTHING! Guys, Eagle River is the greatest. Okay, I know I said I was going to Chugiak, but I was confused. Chugiak is like a suburb of Eagle River or something...I'm still not really sure. But we are in Eagle River. It's BEAUTIFUL here. And the ward is so so so so so amazing. They are so excited to have us here, and we are excited that THEY are excited. :) We are working really hard because there really hasn't been a lot of missionary work done here. Our first sunday here they called a new bishop!!!! Crazy! Lots of things are happening here. The new bishop seems so awesome, we are really excited to work with him. Although we just got to know the old bishop and we liked him too...we had no idea they'd switch it up!

We have already seen miracles!!! People who haven't opened the door in years to church members have let us in and have softened their hearts. We are constantly praying we will find people prepared for us here in this ward. The ward is completely behind us! What a great feeling! We've had some funny experiences too this week. We stopped at an old man's house who is extremely less active in the ward he said he was cutting his grass so we asked when we could come back and he told us to come back in 20 years. Haha! We decided we'll come back next week and bring him cookies :) Hopefully the Lord will soften his heart. :)

Well everyone, I love you all! Have a great week!
Love, Sister Hallmark :)

Amazing view from the mountain!

Sister Torgesen and I on the mountain at zone conference!

Amazing view of the Denali Mountain :)

A massive tea pot we found in our apartment...haha
Amazing view of the Denali Mountain :)

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