Monday, November 18, 2013

Oh my goodness, so much has happened this week!

So the biggest news is...I TOUCHED A BEAR. Yes. In Sitka...the land of bears. We went to volunteer at Fortress of the Bear, a place we used to go do service at all the time last transfer. Well since I've been in Juneau, they got two new 10 month old black cubs. They were orphaned so they took them in. And they let us PLAY WITH THE CUBS. Well...not really play. But touch. They let us in the cage with them and feed them apples. They ate from our hands! Oh my gosh it was amazing guys. I was screaming. I couldn't believe it. We totally had to earn it though because before that we spent a solid hour mucking the nastiest, thickest, poopiest hay I've ever seen out of the goats barn. I totally thought I could be a farm I cannot. It's not fun to shovel smelly hay! But I do it because I love the l
Lord! And I really wanted to see the baby bears!

So I have a really funny story. Sister Whitby and I were at Costco last Pday and this guy who worked there hollered across at us and said "You looking for papi?" We both looked at each other and said "what do you mean?" I was slightly shocked thinking SURELY this man was not hitting on us here in the middle of Costco. Then he said it again "you lookin for papi?" The second time he said it I was starting to get offended. Was he serious? Really sir? Do you want to keep your job? I almost said "NO SIR THANK YOU BUT I ALREADY HAVE A FATHER I DON'T NEED ANOTHER." I could see the anger is Sister Whitby's face. We were about to go ham on this guy until finally he said "Poppy, she works here...are you looking for her?" We soon realized that he was referring to a recent convert in our ward. Whoo! Let me tell you! We have a few things to say to that man! Glad we didn't say them. The poor man just wanted to know if we were looking for his co worker. So funny!

Well let me just tell you the Lord answers every prayer! I have had so many tender mercies this week. It's been a little bit of a difficult transfer white washing Juneau because we haven't had a ton of people to teach. I know there are plenty of people here to teach, we just haven't found them yet. Well these last few days we have had some amazing people come into our lives and we are so excited to start teaching them!! It's all about patience. :) Another cool experience was that I was telling Sister Waldron (a senior couple missionary here) that my ears have been so cold and I needed to get one of those ear band things. Well this girl walked into the church and sister Waldron goes "Oh, ask her! She knits those all the time!" And the girl took this cute little knitted ear band off of her head and handed it to me and told me to keep it. I was like EXCUSE ME?! You're telling me to keep this?! What in the world. How cool is that? I never go in need! I love tender mercies like that!

I just love being a missionary so much. I love this gospel. I love my savior. I am so filled with joy every day. It's hard sometimes, but it's worth it. I know I am being molded into the person I want to be! More like my Savior! I love you all so much thank you for all the support!

Oh, I forgot to mention my dramatic rush to the emergency room this week...I got in a fight with an apple slicer and it won! Haha! I was slicing apples for a lady in the ward and got my finger right under it and pushed down. Ouch! I luckily didn't have to get stitches, they were able to glue it up for me. Man, that was painful! Good news though, I got to call my mom and dad for insurance info! It was so good to hear their voice. Maybe I'll cut myself more often. :) JUST KIDDING. It's healing nicely though. So no more slicing apples!

Love, Sister Hallmark

Feeding the bears!!!!

So cute!

Baking with Sister Fritz!

How many things can Toby stack on 3 knives?! Haha]

My bandaged finger!

A member sent us home with a plate FULL of king crab! Holla!

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