Monday, November 11, 2013

Lucy, I'm home!

Well...home in Sitka at least. I am so so so so happy to be back in Sitka this week. I can't tell you all how amazing it is to see everyone. We're only here until Thursday so we're going to keep pretty busy! You know what's awesome? Everyone is equally as excited to see us as we are them. I have squealed and jumped on a number of's a nice feeling. :) I wouldn't mind if if I got transferred back here and stayed here the rest of my mission. I'm just going to THROW that idea out to President Beesley and maybe he'll pray about it. :)
So I'm freezing, guys. I'm in the warmest part of Alaska and I still constantly feel like I'm on the verge of hypothermia. It's only snowed once, which I was thrilled about. But I'm starting to realize I may not want to pray for snow anymore. It's getting way too cold for my liking. The snow is starting to creep down the mountains and they call it the "termination dust"...Ahhhh! The other day we called the elders to see what the temp was because the temp reader in our car says 100 and it was CLEARLY not. They said it was 28 degrees...I was like..."okay no, are you sure it's not negative 28 degrees? Check again." Nope, only 28. How am I going survive?! I am wrapped in a blanket the minute we get home to the minute we leave the apartment. I am just praying the spirit will give me warmth! And I never thought I'd fantasize about a Texas summer!
Well things are good as far as teaching. We have a few investigators. Not quite ready for baptism, but slowly progressing. It's really good to be in Sitka and see Toby and Elle again! Toby is so prepared for baptism, hopefully he'll be able to in the next couple months. Elle is happy and active as can be. I love it! Oh I just love being a missionary, it brings me such joy.
I love you all thank you for all the love and support! I know this church is true with my whole heart!
Love, Sister Hallmark

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