Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's beginning to look alot like christmas...

Hello everyone!

It's snowing right now! Ahhhh! Why I am the only one excited here in Juneau?! No one else is squealing and jumping in the falling snowflakes!

I am loving it here in Juneau, we have so many incredible people we're teaching!

The elders here are so great! We have only 6 of us here in Juneau so we all kind of support each other. Well the other day I was really sick and one of the elders said for me to bring a cup to our correlation meeting. I said okay...why? He said just BRING IT! So I did... he took the cup it from me, mixed some sort of voodoo potion, and told me to drink it. I was skeptical but I did...30 minutes later I felt incredible! No idea what he did but it worked. The elders also came to the meeting with a bag full of chicken noodle soup, vitamin c, and cough drops. They are so nice!!!

I don't have alot of time again, sorry! am so grateful to be serving here! I love Juneau Alaska!!! We are going to Sitka next week and I can't wait. Being a missionary is hard, but so worth it. My testimony is strengthen every day.

I love you all so much thank you for all the love and support!!!

Love, Sister Hallmark

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