Monday, September 9, 2013

Did you know....

That there are more bears in Sitka than there are HUMANS?


Yeah I saw bears this week, no big deal.'s a big deal. I've only been waiting my whole life.

Sitka is the most amazing place in the entire universe. I'm not kidding. Like...I am SO blown away that I live here. It's incredible.

My companion is the GREATEST person ever. I love her so much I can't even believe it. We laugh ALL the time. She has this incredible drive to be a good missionary and she is so focused. And she's such an incredible teacher. I will learn SOOO much this transfer. I am so happy I can't even handle it. Life is so good!

We picked up TWO new investigators this week! What a blessing! I have seen so many tender mercies in my life in just this last week. One investigator we found by actually knocking on a less actives door...I guess there's just this giant house with a bunch of different rooms and when we knocked, he answered another door. We asked for the person we were looking for and he said it looked like she wasn't home. We told him thanks and then told him who we were. He said he recognized that we were missionaries and had been to our church several times in Juneau. He then asked if he could come to ours here. We were like UUUMMM YEAH! We had a lesson with him after church and he is just solid. Ahhh so excited. He has such a desire to be a good person and to change his life.

The other new investigator is a mother of two kids who is pregnant...she is a referral from a ward memeber. We initially went to go do service for her but she started asking so many questions about the church. We were able to give her a Book or Mormon and she said she would read it. We are meeting with her again this week...I can't wait to see how she progresses.

There are people being prepared right here in Sitka! I love how the Lord works. We are recieving so many blessings.

I love being a missionary with all my heart. This is the best decision I could have ever made. People are waiting to hear the message we have to share.

I love you all a ton! Thanks for all you do!!! Have a great week. :)

Love, Sister Hallmark

                                           Got to sit in the pilots throne on the plane ride here to Sitka!

I'm here!!!   

Oh hello Mr. Bear...

The most beautiful sunset I've ever seen!

Doing service at the Raptor Center! They take in injured eagles, owls, and other kinds of birds.

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