Monday, August 26, 2013


Well, not really home, but...kind of. I'm back in Anchorage! We had a ton of fun on short little road trip to Fairbanks. It was so great. We spent a whole week there. We got to go on some exchanges with the sisters out there and of course got to go on our third trek! It doesn't get easier...although something told me it would. Haha this location we had the trek at was HARD. I mean...the hills are ALIVE in the sound of Fairbanks. My legs had an unquenchable BURN as we hiked up and down with our cart. Luckily, the elders took most of the cart pushing. That was nice. :) Also, minor detail...I sprained my ankle. BUT I'M FINE. :) The elders were so concerned, they kept asking me if I wanted to ride in the cart, but there was no way I was about to let them push me up and down those hills. Hahaha I walked the rest of the way and still survived. I just have a little brace thingy on the's healing nicely. :)
Well we weren't able to meet with a ton of people this week because we were out of town, but yesterday we were able to have a lesson with a girl named Annie, a sister of a recent convert. It was our first lesson with her and she was SO receptive to everything we had to say. The spirit was seriously so strong I could barely breathe. I knew the spirit was speaking to her to because...SHE COMMITED TO BAPTISM! Ahhhh! How exciting! She is so amazing. I can't wait to see her progress. :) I know I say this every week but I just love being a missionary. It's so rewarding. I come closer to my Savior every day.
Sooo transfers are next week and I am STRESSIN out. I don't know what on earth to expect. I want to stay so bad, I love the people here! But I know wherever I get called will be inspired of the Lord. I just need to relaaaaax. Someone tell me to relax.
I hope all is well (and not too hot) in Texas! Or wherever those of you are that are reading this. :)
I love this work with all my heart! Have a blessed week everyone!
Love, Sister Hallmark
Fffffreezing at the trek!

 Oh you know...just picking blueberries on our way to zion. ;)

Our drive to fairbanks was BEAUTIFUL!

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