Monday, August 12, 2013

Forward, Pressing Forward

This week has been....interesting. We are no longer with Sister Livingston, she unfortunately had to go home to take care of some things. She left last Monday, it was so sad to say goodbye. The week has been kind of difficult readjusting to just the two of us again. Then SUDDENLY yesterday morning President Beesley asked us to come to the mission home to talk to him. When we arrived, he asked to talk to us separately. Sister Grayson went first, I assume he was only being fair because she's the oldest. I patiently waited in the front room. When she came out of his office and down the stairs, I anxiously looked at her face. She smiled at me. But I know my companion and it was NOT happy smile. It was a "brace yourself...It's gonna get ugly" kind of smile. When I entered the office terrified, he looked at me warmly and said,

"Well....we haven't done anything crazy with you sisters in about a week or so, how about we put you in another trio?"

ANOTHER TRIO?! Three trio's in two transfers has got to be a record. Our ward must think we're crazy, bringing new sisters in every week.

I think President is trying to kill us.

It's okay though, I'll grin and bear it. We're now with Sister Morey. We really love her, she's great. She has been out for over a year so she's got lots of experience. It will be a good rest of the transfer...I'm sure of it. :)

Okay, next item of business! The trek! We had the first one last and and It was SO incredible. I really could feel the spirit. It was the most beautiful, breath taking place I've ever seen. It was called Jim Creek. I was just in awe the whole time. I forgot my camera so I didn't get any pictures!! But it's okay, this week we are going again with our own zone and it will be at the same location! I'll take lots of pictures!  It's so fun that we get to to to Jim creek twice and then to Fairbanks!! Benefits of "being with the band" hahaha...

Well we have lots of people we are meeting with the for first time this will be great! I love teaching! Being a missionary is awesome!!

I've got to run, love you all so soooo much! Have a fantastic week!

Sister Hallmark

We were trying to find a less active and we randomly stumbled onto this amazing view of the beach!

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